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Lya Young-Afat

Lya Young-Afat

Lya Young-Afat
Lya Young-Afat
Peelstraat 161
1079 RN  Amsterdam
e-mail - Tel: 06 - 12 51 90 32


Lya Young-Afat

At the age of 18 I left  Surinam, my home country with my parents, not knowing that I will choose Holland as my home base. I had no moments to regret , because I took all those chances, possibilities and challenges on my life path with both hands.

Sometimes I found that life was heavy, difficult and tricky, until I discovered that when I accepted a situation as it was , it created the space to move forward.  Instead of the paralysing feeling I  got energy and at those moments I  also got into action and became active.

I also found out that every second of the day I can choose how I will fulfil my life and how I want to relate to other people and situations.

Those things where so to speak master-classes of life and I call them my way of life!

I need people in my life, I am no "einzelganger"!
Sometimes I am the  teacher,  sometimes I am the student.

Because of my interactions with other people my changing process has gotten  meaning and quality . These interactions changed and enriched my life enormously! They made me the REAL ME!

I have found the Power and Force in myself and I came to the conclusion that this Power, this Force is present in every human-being, every soul on this earth!

In the past years my vision in relation to other people has developed itself like this: "When people are standing in their Power, they can replace mountains, they can have overwhelming success!"

My work experience comes from various organizations in the public and private sector where I was involved with management development, turnaround processes and human recourse management. In the past thirty years my passion for coaching and counselling enables me to inspire and motivate my students to follow their passion.

Last but not least, I want to say that I like cooking and travelling very much.

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