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General Conditions and Terms
General Conditions and Terms of the Vocational trainings
from the Academy for Counselling and Coaching (ACC).

  1. Registering for our courses is done by filling in correctly the (online) form of tender. Only if registering through the internet isn’t an option an exception will be made and you can register either by phone or in writing by giving us all the information we need to enlist you.

  2. Registrations will be dealt with in the order they are received. As soon as the registration is approved, the student will receive the training agreement, the general conditions and the invoice by e-mail. If the registration is not approved or if the chosen course is already full, we will contact the student to discuss other options.

  3. The student confirms whether he agrees with the training agreement, the general conditions and the invoice. After confirming that the student is officially enrolled.

  4. Courses will take place under the condition that enough students have registered. The ACC preserves the right to reschedule a course to another time  and/or location, due to not enough registrations or unseen circumstances.  In an exceptional case a course will be  cancelled all together. In the case of a course being cancelled the ACC will refund the course fee already paid by the student.

  5. As a student to be of the ACC you have the right to cancel the registration within the fourteen days required by law as time for reflection. This one-off time of reflection required by law starts the day you have registered. The right to cancel due to time of reflection does no longer apply if you have used our study material and/or have started the course and/or used one of our other services. Cancelling within the seven working days can only be done by registered mail and should be addressed tot ‘Stichting Counselling - P.O. Box 125,  6700 AC Wageningen. Simultaneously an email with the cancellation should be send to . Always state your client- , invoice- and accountnumber and return  all unopened study material  by regular mail. Your name will be taken off the course list and you will be refunded the paid course fee within fourteen days  after cancelling. In all other cases nothing will be refunded.

  6. All ACC invoices are due within eight days after the date of invoice. The ACC withholds the right to take off a student’s name of the course list if the invoice is not fully paid in time.

  7. All our products and services will only be delivered after bank payment.

  8. In the case of falling behind in payments or making no payments at all we are entitled to withdraw our services and/or give the debt to a debt collecting agency. All extra cost and charges will be for the student.

  9. While taking part in a (study) group the student will be at all times responsible for his or her own actions and/or negligence. Neither the trainer nor the ‘Stichting Counselling’ nor the Academy of Counselling and Life Coaching will be responsible for any actions  or negligence on the part of  the (other) students or participants as a consequence of taking part in the course.

  10. Every student and trainer is liable to be held to the Code of Ethics, feedback rules and the house rules. Breaking one of these rules could in extreme cases result that the student’s name is taken of the course list and/or the trainer will no longer work for the ACC. When the latter is the case the students will continue the course with another trainer.

  11. Intellectual propertyrights of ACC’s study materials are in the hands of the ‘Stichting Counselling’, the ACC and/or licensee(s). ACC’s study materials  are strictly for the use of only the person who has registered for a particular course. The participant of an ACC course is not entitled to multiply the study material in any shape or form and/or give the study material or copies of it to another person. Copies can only be made for personal use.

  12. Through the act of registering the student acknowledge and agrees with the above terms and conditions. These terms and conditions make up the legal status between ACC and the student, unless stated otherwise in writing.

  13. Students who register after 1 June 2017, do so directly at a licensed trainer and comply with his / her General Conditions and Terms. After that date we do not register students ourselves, the licensed trainers do so under their Terms and Conditions.
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