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Counselling & Coaching Diploma Course in The Hague
English-language International Counselling & Coaching Diploma Course.
Introduction to Counselling and Coaching Professional training
to become a Counsellor or Coach.
Diploma Course

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Noa Brume
Noa Brume is fully licensed to give our
Courses of Counselling and Coaching on all levels.
They do so in The Hague - The Netherlands.

On Noa Brumes Website you can find all the details like;
the open days, course dates, fees and the registration form.

You can contact Noa Brume with all your questions: - Tel: 06 - 50 49 96 46

Noa Brume

Noa Brume
Noa Brume - The Hague
e-mail - Tel: 06 - 50 49 96 46


Noa Brume is our trainer for the International Counselling and Coaching courses.

She has been teaching in the Academy since 2013 and is one of our most liked and highly respected trainers. It's her positive and dynamic approach which makes her teaching interesting and engaging.

Noa is a highly qualified and greatly experienced trainer, she has been teaching adults since 1993. For many years she taught in the Rothberg International School at the Hebrew university in Jerusalem and later on in the Oriental institute in Oxford University in the England.

Having lived in Israel (where she's originally from), Paris, London and now The Hague, Noa is well travelled and well experienced in being an expat. Since moving to The Netherlands, Noa has been well involved in the International community in The Hague.
This experience has given her an insightful understanding of the diversity in culture and needs of people who come from different backgrounds, which translates into her work as trainer in our courses.

Noa is what we like to call: a "product" of our academy. She trained with us throughout her journey of becoming a professional helper and in her work she combines both Counselling and Coaching.
Although strongly believing in our way of working with the humanistic approach to counselling and coaching, Noa has been interested in many other methods of the profession and is constantly expanding and broadening her professional knowledge.
She'll be sharing all that with you, the students.

Her company NBmove, serves the International community and she's a popular coach and trainer in and amongst the International organisations and companies in and around The Hague.

Click here for the full information page about her training for the International Counselling & Coaching course.

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