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Our vision

Awareness and talent development

The main goal of the new ACC is “creating awareness”. We strive for a world in which people have a positive attitude to life and use their talents to bring the best out of themselves and others. For this reason, we focus in our programmes on (the awareness of) your personal mission and talent development. What is your goal and what skills and talents do you possess to achieve your full potential? And: how can you apply and use those talents to help others achieve the same for themselves?

We believe that a personal approach is very important. Every student must feel safe and comfortable in their learning environment. That is a critical condition for someone to fully reach his/her potential and to achieve the necessary depth in the learning process.

Living your life the way you are meant to

People who are aware of their personal mission and live their lives accordingly are very often happy people. People who don’t live this way, often feel that “something is missing”. They live a life that does not really suit them, the so-called “misfits” in jobs and relationships. This can lead to unpleasant situations, for example to divorce in relationships, to depression in personal life and to burnout in work.

In our training programme we pay much attention to personal development and finding your true potential: who are you and what talents and life experience can you use as a coach/counsellor? In addition, you will learn how to use your talents to guide others in their process. We strive to create a “pay it forward effect”: awareness and contentment that will spread rapidly across society.

Body, mind and spirit

As human beings living in a fast-paced society, we have generally forgotten to listen to the signals of our body and spirit. Almost everything nowadays is being ruled by our minds, we rarely pay attention to our intuition anymore. The ACC believes that body, mind and spirit are inextricably connected and that all three aspects must be in balance to lead a happy life. Our training courses are focused on teaching people to balance those aspects and to guide others in balancing them as well.

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