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Workshop Provocative Coaching – Karen Walthuis

Do you ever feel drained after a working day? Do other people’s problems weigh on your shoulders like a heavy burden? Do you sometimes just want to say exactly what you think, but you don’t do it because it is not professional? Do you feel that there is a joker or a rebel inside of you, but do you feel that society prevents you from letting it show? Would you like to use your intuition, humour and playfulness a bit more? Or are you just ready for something new?

All great reasons to participate in the Provocative Coaching workshop.

The great thing about Provocative Coaching is that it is actually ‘nothing’. Founder Frank Farrelly “just did something”, and that’s what he taught his students to do: just do whatever comes up. Be in full contact with your client and their question and let the joker inside of you do the rest. Let your professional politeness and attitude go and just do whatever comes up. It sounds easy, but it requires a lot of self-knowledge and especially self-liberation. Free yourself from the little voices inside your head that say you shouldn’t or can’t do that, that you have to be nice and civilized. During the workshop we talk out loud and investigate what can happen. And we practice with all kinds of paradoxical and unconventional interventions. Drama, humour, challenge, fantasy and intuition … those are the main ingredients of this workshop.

If you are interested, please register for the day by sending us an email at:

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