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Admission to our training programmes without the right pre-education

If you do not have a diploma on at least Secondary Vocational Education (Dutch MBO level 4) and you still want to participate in one of our training programmes, there is the possibility to follow an EVC-procedure.


EVC stands for ‘Recognition of Prior Learning’ (in Dutch: Erkenning van eerder Verworven Competenties). An EVC-procedure gives you the recognition for what you have learned through education and (work) experience. The procedure assesses what you have learned at school, in your work and in your personal life, and what knowledge, skills and experiences you have gained. In order to form a proper opinion, a specialised organisation will work with you to collect the information that can prove your overall level. The result is recorded in an Experience Certificate. With this certificate, you demonstrate your knowledge and skills. You will receive a certificate that shows the level at which you function in relation to the officially set criteria at Secondary Vocational Education (Dutch MBO level 4) or Higher Vocational Education (Dutch HBO) level.

If you can show by means of an EVC-procedure that you function at least at Secondary Vocational Education (Dutch MBO level 4), you can be admitted to our training programmes.

There are several providers of EVC-procedures. A procedure takes 6 to 12 weeks.

Would you like to know if you qualify for an EVC-procedure? Click here to do the Quick Scan (page in Dutch).

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