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Mission and vision of the Academy for Coaching and Counselling


The goal of the Academy for Coaching and Counselling is to bring more ‘awareness’ into the world. We strive for a world in which people develop their talents to get the best out of themselves and others, based on a positive attitude towards life.

We therefore train skilled and authentic coaches and counsellors who guide others to:

  • heal emotionally through in-depth self-examination and to examine and  change obstructive thinking and behavioural patterns (counselling);
  • take concrete steps forward, using their own talents and expanding their personal skills (coaching);
  • make healthy connections in personal life and work, communicate constructively and act with compassion and empathy.


To be able to work as a coach/counsellor, it is necessary that you know yourself very well, have the knowledge and skills to guide other people and that you are able to work with people in a professional way in any situation.

That is why we pay a lot of attention to personal development in our training programmes: who are you and what talents and life experiences can you use as a coach/counsellor? We teach our students how they can use their talents to guide others on their path.

In this profession, it is important that you have a Growth Mindset (C. Dweck, 2006). This is an attitude to life in which qualities such as growth, optimism, self-reflection and perseverance play a major role. In our programmes, we stimulate this mindset and these qualities in our students, so that they in turn can guide their clients in their process of change.

It is also of great importance that a coach/counsellor has knowledge of psychology, coaching methodologies, change management and the possibilities and limits of the profession. That is why we provide up-to-date knowledge and reflection, since the profession is constantly evolving.

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