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Doe de test zit er een coach in jou

Do the test: do you want to become a coach?

Would you like to learn more about coaching and counselling and/or want to discover whether this profession suits you? Do our test and find out.

The test including 5 important talents

The test consists of five required talents to become a good coach. Each of these five talents show five statements. Tick the checkbox if you agree with the statement. If you do not agree with the statement, leave the checkbox empty. If you disagree with all of the statements for a talent, tick ‘none of the above‘.

At the end of the test, you can read per talent why this talent is so important as a coach. You will also get an explanation of your personal score and what this score means.

Start the test

Our training programmes

The ACC offers training programmes in which people discover and develop their own talents, and learn to guide others in their process. We offer the basics of coaching and counselling in the first-year programme and the opportunity to specialise in a certain coaching field in the second-year programme.

Visit our Open House

Would you like more information about our training programmes? Register for our open house and get to know our training programmes, staff and teachers and get adviced on which programme suits you best. Please click here for an overview of our open houses.

Request our free study guide

Have you already requested our free study guide? In our study guide you will find information on all training  programmes and interesting student information. Click here to request the study guide.

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