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Doe de test zit er een coach in jou

Do the test: do you want to become a coach?

Would you like to work as a coach/counsellor or learn more about coaching and counselling? Do you want to discover whether the profession of coaching/counselling actually suits you? Do our test and find out.

The test consists of five necessary talents to become a good coach. Each of these five talents show five statements. For each statement you indicate whether you agree or disagree with the statement.

The test

Below you will find 5 statements per talent. Check the box if you agree with the statement. If you disagree with the statement, leave the checkbox empty.

Talent 1. You are a people person

You can connect to someone else
You are interested in others*
You build/gain trust easily
You are a social person
You are not afraid to show yourself
* regardless of age, race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic class

Talent 2. You are investigative

You always want to know more
You like to look for reasons and backgrounds
You are analytical
You challenge your own assumptions
You are sensitive to conflicting signals

Talent 3. You dare to transcend yourself

You want to listen without judging
You question your own judgments and assumptions
You are aware of your own problems and issues
You are open to adopt other perspectives
You know you don’t always know better than others

Talent 4. You are an optimist

You are often looking for new ways of doing things
You will not be quickly stopped/disencouraged
You like growth
You believe in the power of people
You like to look for a way to deal with setbacks

Talent 5. You dare to challenge others

You dislike dealing with endless complaining
You like to encourage people to take steps
You like to be challenged yourself
You have overcome things in your life yourself
You dare to confront others

Your results

You have now ticked a maximum of 5 check boxes per talent – divided over the 5 statements per talent. If you have ticked at least 3 statements per talent, you certainly have a match with coaching/counselling! If you have ticked less than 3 check boxes for certain talents, a coaching career might suit you, but the talents on which you have ticked less than 3 check boxes are your points of attention.

Do you want to make coaching your profession or do you want to  apply coaching skills more in your current job? Then joining a coaching/counselling programme is a great idea.

Our training programmes

The ACC offers training programmes in which people discover and develop their own talents, and learn to guide others in their process. We offer the basics of coaching and counselling in Year 1 and specialize in a certain field in Year 2.

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