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Test: do you want to become a coach?

Would you like to work as a coach/counsellor or learn more about coaching and counseling? Do you want to discover whether the profession of coaching/counselling actually suits you? Do our test and find out.

Below you will find a number of statements that can help you discover whether coaching/counselling is suitable for you. Check the boxes for the statements that apply to you.

I’m interested in people.
People often come to me with their stories.
I am a good listener and am able to give my undivided attention to others.
People often ask me for advice.
I like to help other people.
I like to work on my personal development continuously.
I enjoy other people’s success.
I am patient when I listen to others.
I handle receiving feedback/criticism well.
I have a Bachelor degree or a similar work-/reasoning-level.
I like to learn new things.
I am interested in psychology.

I would like to use coaching skills more in my current profession.

If you have checked more than 7 statements, you certainly have a match with coaching/counselling!

Do you want to make coaching your profession or do you want to  apply coaching skills more in your current job? Then joining a coaching/counselling programme is a great idea.

Training courses

The ACC offers training programmes in which people discover and develop their own talents, and learn to guide others in their process. We offer the basics of coaching and counselling in Year 1 and specialize in a certain field in Year 2.

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