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Student reviews

The reviews on this website are meant to share with others how you experienced the ACC and/or our training programmes. Would you like to write a review? We would love it if you did! Click here for more information and the conditions for writing a review.

I find the second-year programme a fantastic experience. I have left every session feeling like I have not only grown a huge amount as a coach, but also as a person and that my knowledge base has been greatly enhanced. Arjan is a huge asset to the ACC team and I know lots of my classmates agree with what a wonderful job he is doing delivering the course, helping us grow, and inspiring us in every way!

I am already working in the field of coaching and I must admit that I was really impressed by the quality of the programme given by ACC. The trainers are highly qualified and always available to reply to your questions. The learning process gave me the opportunity to develop further my coaching skills with my clients but also my creativity and self-growth. I would highly recommend this course to anyone willing to become a coach/counsellor or to strengthen their existing professional competences.

My experience of Coaching and Counselling Year 1 was extremely positive. This interactive, theoretical and practical study exceeded my curiosity and desire to learn more about counselling and how suitable a career this might be for me. It benefitted me in fundamental ways I hadn’t anticipated, such as practicing key communication skills, which I realise I took for granted. It helped me to work on myself, in order to work well with others. Whether it’s to benefit you in your existing career, or prepare you for a career in coaching and counselling – I’d highly recommend this course!

I have recently completed my first year of the Coaching and Counselling course with ACC and was so impressed I decided to sign up for Year 2. The programme exceeded my expectations and our trainer, Arjan van Dijk, was extremely knowledgeable and supportive throughout the learning process, offering just the right balance between theory, interaction and feedback. I already feel that I have grown both professionally and personally and am looking forward to enhancing my coaching skills in Year 2. The owners and trainers are very hands on and there to support you on your journey. I would highly recommended ACC to anyone interested in becoming a coach or looking to strengthen their professional coaching skills.

The coaching and counseling second year was the deepening kick I needed to start my coaching practice. The four major themes convinced me that I could be with my client in most circumstances. The freedom of expression I experienced during the training helped me develop my specialization toward integrating my life experience in my practice. The trainer created a safe and supportive environment to explore and test new techniques. Dialog and sharing our own life experienced help to actively engage with the (sometimes difficult) themes at hand. This training met my criteria and I recommend it.


From beginning to end my experiences with the ACC have been positive. I relocated from the UK to complete Year 1 of the programme and the school were instantly warm and welcoming, answering any questions that I had. Throughout the year I have developed many new skills, having the chance to put these into practice with clients to support them in their coaching journey. This year has also been an opportunity for self-growth and development and the ACC has provided a safe space to do that in. If you are looking to explore Coaching and Counselling, or develop existing skills that you already have, this course comes highly recommended.

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