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Conditions for reviews

What is the purpose of the reviews on our website?

The purpose of placing a review on is to share with other people how you have experienced a training programme. Would you like to write a review? We would love it if you did! Please consider the conditions below when writing your review. When all is in order accordingly, we will post your review on our website as soon as possible.

We do not allow the following:

  • Reviews by people who are not a student at the Academy for Coaching and Counselling and have therefore not followed a relevant training programme with us.
  • Opinions or statements that have nothing to do with how you experienced the training programme.
  • Merely remarks about the pricing/tuition fees.
  • Inappropriate language (including, but not limited to, cursing, racist remarks, or slurs).
  • References, whether as a URL or not, to other websites. Discounts, discount websites, actions, campaigns or price differences compared to other institutes.
  • Commercial content and/or a commercial goal. The reviews on this website will never be written by people who were paid for writing the review. Also, there will never be a review published by someone who received a reward in exchange for a good review.

When will reviews be removed?

In the following situations, the ACC may reject a review or delete it after publication thereof, without further notice:

  • If one or more conditions (as mentioned above) have not been met, or if we have a reasonable suspicion of this.
  • If the review concerns product information that was incorrectly displayed at a certain point in time, but has been changed in the meantime. To prevent customers from getting confused, we may choose to delete such a review.
  • When we detect a deviating pattern via (automatic) verification and we have reason to assume that a review is fake. You must actually be a customer/student at the ACC and have bought and followed a training programme to be able to write a review.

A negative experience is never a reason for us to reject or remove your review. If the review meets the conditions above, it will be posted on our website.

How are reviews collected and displayed?

Students can only write a review about a training programme that they have actually followed with us. This way, we can be sure that the reviews are based on real experiences.

On our website, you can find the experiences of (former) students in two places. Under the menu item ‘About the ACC’, you can find all reviews about the ACC and our training programmes. Furthermore, on the separate pages of our training programmes you will find a tab ‘Reviews’, which contains the experiences of (former) students about that specific training programme.

You can leave a review in the following ways:

  1. By sending us an e-mail or using our contact form.
  2. We actively invite all students to review their training programme a few weeks after completion thereof.

Reviews are never directly visible on the website. This is because the origin and content of the review will be checked first, either automatically or manually. We do this ourselves or have this done by a third party.

Review invitations by a third party

We also work with third parties to collect more general reviews. These reviews are presented on our website, but are not hosted on our servers. These reviews are subjected to the same conditions as described above.

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