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Coaching and Counselling English Year 2

9 months (10 class days)
Amstelveen or online
LVSC, IAC and NFG recognised
Duration: 9 months (10 class days)
Where: Amstelveen or online
In the second year of the Coaching and Counselling training programme you will continue to improve your coaching and counselling skills and you will specialise in the field of your choice. Cornerstone of the programme is the psychology of change and the subsequent challenges for coach and client. This training programme is suitable for students who have followed Coaching and Counselling Year 1 at the ACC.

About the second year programme

In this training programme we’ll be diving deeper into interventions, and work on increasing your skills to deal with occurring disruptions in the coaching process. In four blocks of two practice days, we will explore different coaching areas that are important in everyday life:

  • Personal life and health
  • Family and relationships
  • Career, leadership and team
  • Mourning, trauma and recovery

In addition to these blocks, one class day will cover the psychology of change and one day will be about starting your own practice.

You will learn which themes, skills and interventions are helpful to guide and stimulate change. We will continuously combine theory and practice, and you will reflect on your own practice and actions in the process.

During the programme, you go through a growth process as a coach by receiving feedback from your teacher and fellow students. Intervision is an important part of the programme.

How do you specialise?

To choose a specialisation, you can opt to select a subject as covered in the four blocks, or you can choose your own specialisation aside of these blocks. Once you have selected a specific field, you will draft a plan together with your teacher to set up a project that will help you learn all the necessary skills and information to become a specialised coach/counsellor in the chosen field.

During the course of the programme, you will compile a portfolio of all practical sessions in class, as well as of your coaching sessions with (test-)clients. You will spend 40 hours working with test clients. At least half of these hours must be spent with clients in the area of your chosen specialisation.

Is this course suitable for you?

The second year programme is suitable for those who have successfully completed the first year programme or who have gained sufficient coaching/counselling experience otherwise, and who want to develop themselves further into professional and specialised coaches and counsellors.

What is the purpose of the programme?

The second year programme provides you with extra skills and experience to become a professional and specialised coach/counsellor.

What will you learn in the second year programme?

In this training programme you will:

  • Learn how change and learning processes work and how to apply them in your daily practice.
  • Learn how to intervene in a professional manner on disturbances in the coaching process.
  • Learn to understand and apply various coaching/counselling-roles and techniques.
  • Gain deeper knowledge on specific themes.

Who are your fellow students?

The students in the second year course are people who want to specialise in a certain field of coaching/counselling. Your fellow students all have successfully concluded the first year or have gained at least basic coaching and counselling skills otherwise. The area of specialisation can differ per person. The programme is designed to give every student the opportunity to deepen their general skills, learn from and with their peers and to specialise in the field of their personal choice.

Course schedule

The programme consists of 10 days of class, in which the following themes and subjects will be covered:

Day  1

  • Psychology of learning and change
  • The building blocks of a successful practice: theme’s, target groups and methods
  • Assessment of individual learning goals

Day 2 and 3 – Personal life and health

  • Energy, stress and burn out
  • The wheel of life
  • Positive psychology
  • Rational Emotive Therapy: beliefs, emotions and behaviour

Day 4 and 5 – Family and relationships

  • Constellations
  • Attachment theory
  • Transactional Analysis

Day 6 and 7 – Career, leadership and team

  • Career counselling
  • Change management
  • Team coaching
  • Creative thinking

Day 8 and 9 – Mourning, trauma and recovery

  • Psychology of loss and grief counselling
  • Trauma counselling
  • Recovery coaching

Day 10 – Starting your own practice

  • Business skills for coaches
  • Re-cap of the programme: your lessons learned
  • Work with real-life clients in the classroom

Classroom and online programme

Coaching and Counselling Year 2 is available as a classroom programme and a Live Online programme. Please find more information about the online programme here.

The study load for this training programme is approximately 8 to 10 hours per week.

Coaching and Counselling Year 2 Details


Coaching and Counselling Year 2

Programme language:



9 months


10 days of class

Study load:

8 – 10 hours per week

Group size:

Classroom Programme: 10 – 14 participants
Online Programme: 6 – 10 participants

Educational level:

Bachelor-level (post bachelor / post-HBO)


First year Coaching and Counselling training programme or a comparable coach/counsel training programme with a minimum of 10 days.


Portfolio and a personal specialisation project of approx. 20 hours


Students will receive the Coaching and Counselling Year 2 diploma when:

  • The minimum attendance rule of 90% has been met.
  • The portfolio has a sufficient result/mark.
  • The oral exam has a sufficient result/mark.
  • A positive trainer’s assessment has been obtained.
  • Have met the requirements for working with practice clients.
  • Have met the requirements for intervision.
  • 3 hours of supervision has been completed (proof required).
  • All course fees have fully been paid.


In this training programme, 3 hours of supervision are compulsory. Supervision needs to be arranged and purchased by the students themselves. We have a team of supervisors within the ACC who you can choose from, but you can also select an LVSC-registered supervisor (web page in Dutch). Click here for an overview of ACC-supervisors.


During the training programme you work on your portfolio, which includes reports on your learning process, your specialisation essay, the sessions with your practice clients, intervision, supervision and practised methodologies.

Practice clients:

A minimum of 40 hours of working with practice clients is required. The student will need to arrange the practice clients themselves.

Attendance requirements:

Students are required to attend at least 90% of classes to able to receive a diploma, with mandatory attendance for the first and last day of class.


LVSC ACC logo IAC ACC logo NFG ACC logo

This training programme is certified by the LVSC. After completing this programme you can register with the LVSC as a Register Coach. In the meantime, as a student it is possible to register as a student-member and as a ‘Aspirant-Registercoach’.

The ACC is also recognized by the International Association for Counselling (IAC). This means that our institute has the IAC quality mark and you, as an ACC student, can join the IAC as a member.

If you have an ACC diploma, you can become a register member of the NFG and, under certain conditions, this could lead to reimbursement by health insurance.

Click here for more information on certification and recognition of the ACC.

Literature list:

Download the literature list for this training programme here.


Start October 2024:

Total amount € 3597,-. Payment in 3 instalments: € 1199,- per term.*

Extra costs:

Three hours of supervision. The costs for supervision are not included in the price of the training programme and should be paid to the supervisor directly.

In case you choose one of ACC’s supervisors, the costs are € 100,- per hour (€ 300,- for 3 hours). NB: this is a special rate for ACC-students. Please click here for an overview of ACC-supervisors. Students also have the option to choose an LVSC-registered supervisor instead (web page in Dutch). In this case, the price varies per supervisor.

*Payment in instalments is possible (max. 3). However, the full tuition needs to be paid before the start of the course.

All amounts include administration costs (of € 50), the study syllabus (of € 50) and examination costs. Literature/books are not included in the tuition fees and need to be arranged by the students themselves. If a re-examination is required for the portfolio and corresponding oral examination, the costs for this are € 200,-.

NB: The study syllabus is issued once per student. Only in exceptional cases is it possible to request a reprint of the syllabus. If a reprint is approved by the ACC, the costs will be € 100,- (including administration costs and shipping costs within the Netherlands).

The Academy for Coaching and Counselling is registered with the CRKBO, which means that our training courses are exempt from btw (Dutch VAT).

Already a student at the ACC?

Are you already following a training programme with us, and do you want to register for the second year programme, then you do not have to register via our website. Please send an email to (with the subject ‘Registration Coaching and Counselling Year 2’) containing:

  • First and last name
  • Address and city
  • Telephone number
  • Date of birth
  • Preferred payment method (pay the full amount at once or in 3 instalments)
  • Classroom programme or online programme

After we receive your e-mail, we will send you a questionnaire to assess whether you can be admitted to the programme.

If you are not yet a student at the ACC, we kindly ask you to register via the ‘Register‘ button below.

Classroom Programme

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Starting date
End date
Class times
10.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.
Arjan van Dijk

Online Programme

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Starting date
End date
Class times
10.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.
Judith Wolterink
Number of participants

The classroom programme will start when a minimum of 10 students have enrolled where we aim to limit the number of participants to maximum 14 students per group, however this can be exceeded by a few if necessary. The online programme will start when a minimum of 6 students have enrolled with a maximum 10 students per group.  As soon as a sufficient number of applicants have enrolled, we will confirm the start of the programme (at the latest 2 weeks before the start of the course). In case the minimum number of students has not been met, or when a course is full, we will try to find a solution for/with you, for example by postponing the start date a little or by creating a new group (if possible).

Attendance requirements

Students are required to attend at least 90% of classes to able to receive a diploma, with mandatory attendance for the first and last day of class.

Depending on how many English programmes will run simultaneously to your course, there might be an option to attend the missed day of class in a different group. This is however up to the discretion of the ACC and our teacher(s), and cannot be guaranteed.

I find the second-year programme a fantastic experience. I have left every session feeling like I have not only grown a huge amount as a coach, but also as a person and that my knowledge base has been greatly enhanced. Arjan is a huge asset to the ACC team and I know lots of my classmates agree with what a wonderful job he is doing delivering the course, helping us grow, and inspiring us in every way!

The coaching and counseling second year was the deepening kick I needed to start my coaching practice. The four major themes convinced me that I could be with my client in most circumstances. The freedom of expression I experienced during the training helped me develop my specialization toward integrating my life experience in my practice. The trainer created a safe and supportive environment to explore and test new techniques. Dialog and sharing our own life experienced help to actively engage with the (sometimes difficult) themes at hand. This training met my criteria and I recommend it.


The Live Online – Coaching and Counselling Year 2 course is the online version of the classroom course Coaching and Counselling Year 2. More information about the content of this course can be found here. Below you will find what it means to follow live online courses and how to register for this course.

How does the Live Online Training work?

You will follow the lessons from the convenience of your own home via Zoom. You can even attend class from other locations, wherever you are in the world, as long as you have a computer with webcam available. The online lessons will be taught live on camera by a teacher, while all students are visible onscreen and can interact as needed. Throughout the session, the teacher can separate the students in smaller groups to practice the different techniques and methodologies. This means that the online lessons offer very similar possibilities as the classroom lessons.

We allow between 6 and 10 participants per group, to achieve the best possible learning environment. Outside class-hours, so in your own time, you will meet (online) with your fellow students to practice and have so called ‘intervision’ meetings. You will find your own coaching clients for practice sessions, which can be done online as well, or in real life, as you please.

Overall, this online training programme gives you the opportunity to learn proper coaching and counselling skills from anywhere in the world, while still interacting with a teacher and fellow students.

When will the Live Online take place?

The Live Online programme Coaching and Counselling Year 2 will start again in the fall of 2024. The programme will be held on Saturdays and will start on 12 October 2024.

How can I register for the Live Online programme?

On the tab Location and dates you can register for the Live Online programme. Below the classroom programme you will find the option to register for the Live Online variant of Coaching and Counselling Year 2.

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