Judith Wolterink

Master Certified Coach ICF

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

What inspires you to be a teacher?
I love to work with people who choose to support others to live more happy and be genuine and authentic. I like to grant the experience that learning can be firm and enjoyable at the same time. We as coaches are our own tool, that brings challenges and opportunities for our self too. It’s wonderful to keep the saw sharp and witness and inspire to authentic development.

About me
I have a Human Resource and Psychology background, and there I discovered that I could contribute best when things started to get complicated, conflicts, emotions and lows in life as a starting point for honest and proactive choices. I supported empowerment and authentic leadership growth in organizational Development programs in an international setting. I love combining training and coaching, it’s an honor to pass on my knowledge and experience.

My expertise and passion
It’s my expertise to support whom I work with in their self healing process (towards more self-esteem, taking responsibility and creating a life worthwhile).

Why I like to work for the ACC?
The people within the ACC are real, authentic and real profi’s, that makes the journey one to remember. The ACC will absolutely provide growth in Authenticity, Connectedness and Change in perspectives.

Who is your hero/role model and why?
My grandfather, born in 1903 was a living proof what it means to be completely in piece.