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ACC Coachopleidingen Wat Zijn Er Toch Veel Coaches

So many coaches

In this article, we will explain why, in our view, coaching is a very valuable profession and how you can distinguish a good coach in the current market.
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Week Van De Werkstress 2023 Stress En Burn-out Opleiding

More and more work-related stress

Work-related stress is still hot topic and the consequential sick-leave amongst employees puts a growing pressure on the economy.
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Thierry Delatte Assistent Docent ACC

Interview with ACC student Thierry Delatte

Student Thierry Delatte about his coaching training programmes at the ACC and having his own coaching practice.
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ACC Blog Interview Marian Kok

Day of the Coach – Interview with ACC director Marian Kok

Thursday 4 November is the Day of the Coach. Read the interview with ACC director and coach Marian Kok.
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ACC Managing Expectations Blog

Managing expectations

Have you ever had an idea of what your life 'should' look like?
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ACC Blog Recognising Strength Courage And Resilience

Recognising Strength, Courage, and Resilience (In yourself and in others)

By: Louisa Busher.  Working as a social worker, and more recently within a coaching and counselling role, I have met many people, all with their varied life experiences. Through listening…

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ACC Blog Werken Aan Emotionele Zelfzorg

Practicing Emotional Hygiene

By: Louisa Busher.  Wash your hands before you eat. Brush your teeth before bed. Put a plaster over a cut so it doesn’t become infected. Practicing good hygiene is something…

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Live Online Coaching And Counselling Training Year 2

Why online coaching is becoming more popular every day

Online coaching has become increasingly popular in recent years. This is not such a surprising development, considering that nowadays many of our daily activities take place online. We shop online,…

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