Margarita Bernal

“Give me the courage to change what I can change,
Give me the serenity to accept what I can not change,
Give me the wisdom to know the difference”
Franciscus van Assisi

What inspires you to be a teacher?

It is a privilege to transfer my knowledge and experience to others. I love my job and I am inspired by students when I see them having insights, trying new tools and wonderful things arise. There is something magical about learning.

About me

I was born and I grew up in Spain (Barcelona). I moved to the Netherlands at 23, got married I have two beautiful daughters. Since 2006 I have my own company and I counsel individuals, relations and blended families. I also train people in organisations.

My expertise and passion

I love it when my work is diverse, every day something different. I am interested in a wide aray of topics. I am very interested in people and what makes them tik, why do they do as they do? I enjoy to discover with them who they really, trully are. To grow they true potential.
I work with methodes like: TA, EFT and look systemic.

“Be who you are,
To become who you are,
But who you can not yet be,
in your own way
And your own time”

Why I like to work for the ACC?

I belief in the combination of experience based learning and zelfreflection. The power of the ACC is that you work on yourself professional and personal at the same time. It is about practise as you preach.

Who is your hero/rolemodel and why?

I have different rolemodels. One is Edith Eva Eger: besides what she did to survive, and how she is as a professional and she has dedicated her life to help others; I am inspired and touched by how she had the guts to go back after all this years and confront her demons. She chose her path from surviving to beeing fuly alive.