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International Coaching Federation – ICF

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is one of the largest global organisations for coaches and coaching. ICF provides certification and has the goal to build a worldwide network of trained coaching professionals.

The training programmes of the ACC are not accredited by ICF, but with the diplomas of the ACC you can become a member of the ICF, if you comply with the following requirements:

  1. A diploma of an education with at least 60 hours of training (this applies to both our first- and second-year training programmes).
  1. 100 hours of experience in working with clients, of which 75 hours need to be paid (e.g. clients who pay for your services). These coaching experience hours must begin after you have started the training programme.

For our students this means: In our first year training programme you work 12 hours with clients. In our second year you work 40 hours with clients. You therefore would need to work an extra of 48 hours with clients to be able to register as an ICF coach.

  1. Receive 10 hours of mentor coaching. NB: this must be done with a mentor coach who is an ICF member. At least 3 hours of mentor coaching need to take place in individual sessions, the remaining 7 hours may also be done in group sessions.

For our students this means:

  • You can be supervised by one of our teachers who is an ICF member to comply with this requirement. Please check our supervision page to see which supervisors/teachers are ICF members. You can of course also use an external supervisor who is an ICF member if you prefer to find someone outside the ACC yourself.
  • For the 7 hours of group supervision, you can for example ask fellow students (who also want to become an ICF member) to do this with. You can for instance ask the students in your class or post a message on our Alumni page on LinkedIn.
  1. To prove that your coaching skills are at ICF level, you will need to record a coaching session with a client (20-60 minutes) and write a transcript of this.
  1. You will need to pass a written exam, designed to test your understanding of and ability to apply the ICF definition of coaching, the ICF Core Competencies and the ICF Code of Ethics.

You can find more information about the ICF and the trajectory to become a member on the website of the ICF.

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