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Covid-19 information for students

Update January 13, 2021

At the press conference on January 12, 2021, our Prime Minister announced that the current lockdown measures will be extended until at least February 9. He said that education could possibly (under certain conditions) start earlier. It is still unknown when this will apply and whether this will also apply to our courses. For the time being, our courses will continue online. If this changes before February 9, we will inform you by e-mail and via the website.

Update December 15, 2020

As a result of the lockdown that started today, the lessons will take place online until at least January 19.

Update December 1, 2020

From December 1, 2020, a face mask is mandatory in public indoor spaces. For educational institutes there is an obligation to wear a face mask while moving around in public areas (corridors, toilets, stairwells, elevators, etc.). As soon as the student has entered the classroom and has sat down, the face mask may be removed.

There is an exception for people who cannot wear a face mask due to their disability or illness. This applies to visible as well as invisible limitations or illnesses. If you cannot wear a face mask, please notify your teacher. This can be done by email prior to the class day, or at the location before the start of the class day. Also notify the manager of the location on arrival that the exception to the rule applies to you. Read more about the exception here (in Dutch).

Update November 6, 2020

The new corona-measures that were announced during last Tuesday’s press conference left doubts for several days as to whether classroom education was still allowed to continue. The government initially made no clear statements about this. Yesterday evening however, our branch organisation NRTO announced that an exception has again been made for the education sector. All security regions have included an exemption in their emergency ordinances for training and educational activities. This means that our training programmes will continue in class.

Of course, our corona policy remains in place: please abide by the measures of the RIVM, and if you have symptoms, stay at home! As we mentioned earlier, if you cannot attend in person, there is still the possibility to attend via a live-stream. Please contact your teacher about this when needed.

Update November 4, 2020

Following the new government corona-measures of November 3rd, we are currently considering how these measures will affect the continuation of our classroom education. We are currently awaiting the advice of our branch organisation NRTO. As soon as we have received that advice, we will report further on this page.

Update October 13, 2020

Classroom teaching is still possible after the measures announced on October 13, 2020. The government indicates that education is very important and must continue in the normal way for the time being, with a maximum of 30 people in the groups. The ACC will therefore continue with the classroom lessons until further notice.

There is no obligation to use a face mask yet, but there is an urgent request from the government to wear a face mask in educational institutes while moving around in public areas (corridors, toilets, stairwells, elevators, etc.). As soon as the student has entered the classroom and has sat down, the face mask may be removed.

The restaurants will be closed for the next few weeks, which means that lunch can no longer be purchased at our locations. So please bring your own lunch to the class day!

Update October 1, 2020

This statement has been drawn up in consultation with our branch organisation NRTO. The government announcement to wear a face mask in public indoor spaces is for now an advice only, and not an obligation. The NRTO indicates that the government’s advice for wearing face masks mainly concerns situations when people move around in public indoor spaces: in corridors, elevators, stair wells, toilets, etc., because keeping 1.5 meters away is difficult in these areas. The advice/request is to put a mask on when you move around in public indoor spaces, and to take it off again when you sit down (with at least 1,5 meters distance from others).

Our point of view:

As a student you are of course free to wear a face mask to class. This is however not mandatory.

Having said this, we do find it quite undesirable to wear a mask while practicing with your fellow students on the class days. If you would like to wear a face mask, we kindly ask you to take this off while practicing the assignments with your fellow students. Coaching is a profession in which clear and personal interaction between people is paramount. Wearing a face mask prevents people from seeing each other’s facial expressions and with this, a large part of the contact/rapport will be taken away. So in short: you are free to wear a face mask, but we would kindly ask you to practice without the mask, while of course maintaining a minimum distance of 1.5 meters for everyone’s safety.

If you want to wear a face mask during the class days, we kindly ask you to bring sufficient clean face masks with you per class day, and to put on a clean mask at least every 3 hours, or when the mask has become damp/wet. This is important for your own health (otherwise you will breath in your own bacteria/viruses all day long) and for the health of your classmates. The accumulated bacteria and viruses can otherwise still be transmitted. For an instructional video about how to safely put on and take off a face mask, please click here.


Update September 28, 2020

Teaching in class is still possible with the current Covid-19 measures. The prime minister announced that gathering in groups of up to 30 people is allowed. Also, traveling to cities for education purposes is allowed and possible.

We have therefore decided that our classroom programmes will continue as usual for the time being. Should anything change due to the announcement of new measures, we will of course notify you immediately.

Having said this, we would like to stress the importance of adhering to the corona measures. Please follow the protocol below carefully, to warrant your own safety and that of others:

Prior to the class days:

We urgently ask you not to come to the class day if you:

  • Have corona related symptoms. When you have a cold (such as a runny nose, sneezing, sore throat) you should stay at home. Also when you experience coughing, shortness of breath, a fever (above 38 degrees) or sudden loss of smell and/or taste (without nasal congestion).
  • Have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for corona within the last 10 days.
  • Have been in contact with someone who is currently being tested for corona and has not yet obtained a (negative) test result.
  • If one of your housemates or partner/child has corona-related symptoms.
  • If you have been in an area with an ‘orange’ or ‘red’ travel advice in the last 10 days.

If you cannot join the class day please notify your trainer Betty Bonnema immediately. You can call or send her a text message at +31 6 11 45 92 52.

Please use the attached checklist when in doubt.

During the class days:

  • Please wash your hands upon arrival.
  • If you do need to cough or sneeze, please do so into your elbow and not your hands.
  • Keep a 1,5 meter distance from others.

The teacher has the right to refuse participation in class, and send students home who show signs of illness on/during the day.

What to do when you have to miss a class day due to corona regulations:

When you are unable to participate in class due to corona symptoms, you will be assigned a buddy from within your group (one of your fellow students), who will practice the exercises from that class day with you afterwards. You will then write a report about this for the teacher. If the teacher assesses this report as sufficient, the class day still counts as a completed class day (due to the 80% attendance requirement). Please note that you can compensate a maximum of 2 class days this way in order to still obtain your diploma.

The teacher will also try to set up a video connection, so you can still attend the class day online when you are not able to participate due to corona. This solution is not guaranteed, but the teacher will certainly do his/her best to arrange this. NB: even when you attend class this way, you will still have to practise with your buddy for this day to count as ‘attended’.

The teacher will explain all this to you further on the first day of class.

Of course we hope that you will all stay healthy, and that you can attend the class days, but these measures are in place to keep the class days safe for everyone and still offer a suitable solution for people who cannot attend.

If you have any questions about this, or when in doubt about participating, please contact your teacher to discuss. If things need to be discussed with us, we will of course be available as well.

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