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Sheila Schaasberg ACC Opleidingscoördinator

Sheila Schaasberg – ACC

“You already have all the answers, you’re just looking for the right question.”

My name is Sheila and since October 2023 I have been working at the ACC in the role of Training Coordinator.

My background
I have been active in the field of health and vitality for many years. In 2011, I followed a course in plant medicine, after which I started working at the first raw food centre in the Netherlands. This centre also offered various therapeutic treatments. Every day I came into contact with people with (physical and/or mental) health issues, which slowly but surely increased my interest in chronic illness and cancer.

After the raw food centre I worked for a supplements wholesaler, who specialised in nano-supplements. I regularly came into contact with therapists treating chronically ill clients here as well.

As time went by, I discovered more and more that a healthy physical lifestyle (including a healthy diet, exercise and supplementation) was not always enough. Often there is an underlying problem as the root cause of people’s symptoms. Physical well-being may be very important, but is not always enough to get someone fully back on track.

In 2020 I started attending various training programmes, courses and workshops in the holistic field, including systemic perception, trauma & body release and constellation work. For me, it is now very clear that you support the body through healthy nutrition and supplementation, but also explore what your body is telling you. The body signals with physical symptoms that (mental/emotional etc.) help is needed.

Why the ACC
In 2023, the ACC and I crossed paths and I immediately felt at home. One of the tenets of the ACC is ‘awareness’. For me, this is the basis of all emotional and spiritual growth. Without self-awareness we remain stuck in the behaviour we derive from our upbringing. Questions such as “are our core qualities actually our qualities, or are they survival mechanisms from our childhood?” are crucial in this regard, I believe. Once you gain insight into this, you can bring about lasting changes in your life.

On my path I have met many beautiful and inspiring people. Unfortunately, I have also experienced that there are people who take the profession of coach/counsellor a little too freely. Even though coaching is a free profession in the Netherlands, it does not mean that it can be done just like that. Proper training is crucial. The ACC offers wonderful coach/counsel training programs that fit completely within my vision in this area. I therefore work with great passion and pleasure for this great organisation.

On a daily basis I am the first line of contact with students and relations, so if you call or email us, there is a good chance you will find me on the other side of the line.

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