Margaux Raynaud (assistant teacher)

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Jung

What inspires you to be an assistant teacher?
As a coach, I am inspired by helping others grow and progress step by step towards the vision they are called to create, and it is incredibly meaningful to me to assist on the training programme so that I can help facilitate this process for future coaches. Having graduated from the ACC myself, I am excited to give back through sharing my experiences and skills, and I believe that I can learn just as much from the students who bring fresh and unique perspectives, ideas, and generally, creative energy around coaching.

About me
I come from France originally, but I have spent a big part of my life abroad, first in Singapore as a child, then in the Netherlands. I moved to Utrecht at age 20 as part of a year-long university exchange in law and decided to extend my stay after meeting the person who became my husband.

13 years, a gorgeous daughter, a divorce, and a complete career shift later, I still happily reside in the Netherlands and recently opened my own coaching practice, One Coaching, as a holistic health coach. Currently I’m focused on helping legal professionals improve their health and wellbeing by helping them discover and meet their needs across different dimensions, including physical and emotional.

Why have you chosen the ACC and what did the training bring you?
I joined the ACC after quitting my PhD position in international criminal law. At that time, I sought to retrain professionally as a coach, yet I wasn’t prepared for the amount of personal growth that the training brought me as well. I believe that you can only meet others as much as you have met yourself and deepening this connection both with myself and others is what the training has allowed me to do.

Who is my hero and why?
I am uncomfortable with this question because I believe that each person is their own hero. Each of us possess the resources that we need to create our own fulfilment. I also believe that when we admire someone else for a particular trait, it is generally a reflection of a quality that exists already within ourselves and that is asking to be acknowledged and to grow.

Otherwise, I am very much inspired by the work of Carl Jung and his loving acceptance of the whole of the individual’s experience, including its shadow aspects. His non-judgmental, childlike curiosity for all aspects of the self, and belief that these must be welcomed and integrated for the flourishing of personality, is an attitude that I want to replicate with my clients.